Be part of a collaborative, progressive organization where clinical voices are heard.

United Digestive isn’t just a GI practice management company. We are a collaborative team of service-oriented business leaders, physicians, innovators, and achievers. We are patient focused and quality driven.

We provide a strong operational infrastructure for our GI physicians and practices, while extending a collaborative peer-to-peer network supporting clinical advancements and patient care.

“United Digestive truly enhances the future of independent GI practices by leveraging a dyad model of an experienced management team working closely with physician leaders. This partnership optimizes your practice while preserving clinical autonomy and providing physicians, and their patients, long-term stability.”

Neal C. Patel, MD

“As a solo GI practice, we would have struggled mightily to survive [the COVID-19 epidemic] and might have gone bankrupt. Had we been part of a larger non-GI entity (a hospital or multispecialty group), we might have been pressured to engage in unsafe or unethical practices and not consistent with national societal recommendations. Instead, we found ourselves having active discussions with our GI colleagues about the right path forward.” 

Mark Murphy, MD
The Center for Digestive & Liver Health

Advantages of Becoming a United Digestive Physician:

  • Retain clinical autonomy
  • Collaborate with an extraordinary network of GI providers
  • Access to a robust suite of ancillary service offerings, advanced equipment, and clinical research studies
  • Support from advanced practice providers and centralized resources
  • Advocates in payor negotiations
  • Competitive benefits package
  • More time to focus on your passions rather than the burdens of managing a medical practice

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