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Welcome to United Digestive, where innovation, expertise, and a commitment to patient-centric care converge. As a leader in digestive health and one of the largest private gastroenterology practices, we are constantly expanding our team of dedicated professionals. Explore rewarding opportunities to advance your career and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve.

Our Focus

We are passionate about exceeding the expectations of our providers and patients while also empowering employees, technologies, and processes to continually improve our organization.

The Preferred GI Platform for Young, Progressive Physicians

Multiple Career Paths

We offer a range of options when considering your career goals from associate, to partner, to hospitalist tracks for general and therapeutic gastroenterologists.

Clinical Autonomy

Retain control over your clinical decisions while benefiting from the supportive, administrative infrastructure at United Digestive.

Extraordinary Network

Collaborate with an extraordinary network of nationally renowned GI providers, fostering shared knowledge and enhancing patient outcomes.

Advanced Resources

Access a robust suite of ancillary service offerings, centers of excellence, state-of-the-art equipment, and participation in clinical research studies.

Supportive Infrastructure

Leverage a platform of advanced practice providers and centralized administrative resources, which allows you to focus on patient care.

“As a physician, it’s important to me that patient care always be at the forefront of decision-making, and United Digestive shares that core value. Our physicians retain their clinical autonomy while benefiting from complete administrative support and financial security.”

John Suh, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer

Physician Leadership and Support Programs

New Physician Onboarding Program

Embark on your journey with the assurance of a white-glove onboarding experience. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting new physicians with essential tasks such as credentialing and professional headshots. Through a streamlined process with a single point of contact, new physicians can expect a seamless and efficient onboarding process.

Medical Education Committee

Dedicated to the continuous advancement of medical knowledge, our Medical Education Committee collaborates with medical schools, residency, and fellowship programs. Beyond academic partnerships, the committee organizes engaging events such as grand rounds, lunch and learns, and various educational opportunities. Join us in shaping the future of medical education and professional development.

New Physician Mentorship Program

Foster your growth and success with our New Physician Mentorship Program. Each new physician is paired with a seasoned partner-level physician, offering guidance not only in clinical care but also across various crucial aspects of managing a successful private practice. Our mentorship program ensures a supportive environment for your professional development.

Clinical Chairs of Excellence

Our commitment to excellence and innovation led us to establish Clinical Chairs of Excellence, a distinguished initiative that brings together the foremost leaders in the field of gastroenterology from our partner practices. Our Clinical Chairs program showcases the unparalleled expertise and groundbreaking research of these esteemed medical professionals.

Physician Executive Committee

At the heart of our organizational governance, the Physician Executive Committee is comprised of esteemed members who serve as the voice for their local colleagues. These leaders play a pivotal role in guiding the clinical aspects of our organization, ensuring a collaborative and patient-centered approach.

United GI and Liver Conference

At United Digestive, fostering continuous learning and collaboration is paramount. Annually, we proudly organize the United GI and Liver Conference, an exclusive gathering designed for our esteemed providers. This conference serves as a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange, featuring expert speakers, cutting-edge research presentations, and engaging discussions on the latest advancements in gastroenterology and hepatology.

“United Digestive truly enhances the future of independent GI practices by leveraging a dyad model of an experienced management team working closely with physician leaders. This partnership optimizes your practice while preserving clinical autonomy and providing physicians and their patients long-term stability.”

Neal C. Patel, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Discover the Comprehensive Care Model at United Digestive

Insourced Pathology

Facilitate accurate and swift diagnoses through our In-House Pathology services, promoting streamlined communication within the care team.

Centers of Excellence

Benefit from our specialized Centers of Excellence, ensuring the highest standard of care across various digestive health specialties.

Clinical Research

Engage in groundbreaking research initiatives, contributing to the advancement of digestive healthcare and shaping the future of medical knowledge.

Insourced Anesthesia

Prioritize patient comfort and safety during procedures with our dedicated anesthesia services, elevating the overall healthcare experience.

Insourced Infusion Services

Access cutting-edge facilities for seamless administration of specialized medications, enhancing patient care.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Access state-of-the-art endoscopy suites to provide the best diagnostic and interventional care to your patients at a low cost.

“As a new gastroenterologist, I was looking to join an organization where I could take the knowledge and cutting-edge skills I learned during fellowship and apply them to my everyday practice. United Digestive afforded me that opportunity. With the support of various UD administrative teams working together efficiently and transparently, I’ve been able to build a practice of which I’m very proud while quickly establishing myself within my community, all with the singular goal of providing excellent care to patients.”

Brian Frank, MD

Associates in Digestive Health

Our Rapidly Growing Footprint

United Digestive is positioned for rapid growth, driven by our innovative approach to addressing the challenges faced by private practices in the evolving healthcare landscape. We stand out by offering a progressive alternative that provides physicians with a robust operational infrastructure and financial stability. This unique combination allows you to maintain clinical autonomy while prioritizing the delivery of high-quality patient care.

The collaborative and cross-functional executive and physician leadership teams contribute to the strength of the organization, enabling well-informed decisions that benefit providers, employees, and patients alike. United Digestive’s network of award-winning GI providers and leading advancements in gastroenterology further solidify its position as a preferred partner for those who value collaboration and unwavering dedication to quality patient care.

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