Preeminent gastroenterology practice management company selects Fujifilm’s industry-leading portfolio of endoscopic imaging solutions

FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc., a leading provider of endoscopic imaging and endosurgical solutions, and part of the greater Fujifilm Healthcare portfolio, announces that United Digestive’s gastroenterologists are now using Fujifilm’s portfolio of 700 series advanced endoscopes and Eluxeo Imaging Systems.

The decision to partner with Fujifilm and adapt their innovative endoscopic imaging technologies is in line with United Digestive’s mission to support their gastroenterologists by providing them with the clinical and operational support that empowers them to focus on the patient and deliver the absolute best care.

“The investment we make in our technology is also an investment we make in the health and well-being of our patients,” said John Suh, M.D., MPH, Chief Medical Officer for United Digestive. “Our partnership with Fujifilm is extremely positive, and we’ve received outstanding feedback from our clinicians on ELUXEO’s strikingly impressive image resolution, as well as the performance they’ve experienced across the variety of Fujifilm endoscopes.”

“Their hands-on approach to implementation ensured each of our physicians was fully supported in order to deliver uninterrupted quality patient care,” added Suh. “Fujifilm’s commitment to providing exceptional service and support was a key factor as to why we selected them as the exclusive vendor of choice for all of our 15 endoscopy centers.”

“We’re appreciative of the confidence United Digestive has instilled in Fujifilm by selecting us as their partner for endoscopic imaging solutions,” says Taisuke Fujita, General Manager of FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.—Endoscopy. “We’ve seen time and time again that collaboration drives innovation, and we’re grateful to work with an esteemed gastroenterology practice that is committed to leveraging superior technology that will provide better patient diagnosis and treatment that could inevitably save lives.”

Fujifilm’s collaboration with United Digestive comes shortly after FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.’s announcement of achieving several global milestones and initiatives to advance the field of endoscopy and endoscopic health. Some of Fujifilm’s latest developments in its global endoscopy business include artificial intelligence advancements, high-tech image capture, advanced data processing and notably, the launch of twelve new endoscopes, a variety of which the United Digestive is now using to enhance their affiliated clinical practices.

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