Dr. Aja McCutchen, United Digestive partner practice physician and ESG clinical chair, recently made an appearance on Fox Soul’s UrbanMD TV – a prominent multicultural, health-focused television program – to discuss colorectal cancer, its prevention, and its disproportionate impact on black communities.

Colorectal cancer incidence and mortality rates disproportionately affect black individuals. According to the American Cancer Society, the incidence rate of colorectal cancer is approximately 20 percent higher in black individuals than in white individuals. Mortality rates are also significantly elevated. Colorectal cancer tends to manifest at a younger age among black Americans compared to other racial groups, reflected in the fact that black individuals are more likely to receive a colorectal cancer diagnosis before the age of 50.

Dr. McCutchen emphasized the significance of early detection and prevention strategies. During the program, she also provided viewers with a firsthand look at the procedure by conducting a colonoscopy on one of the hosts, Dr. April Spencer.

About her appearance on the show, Dr. McCutchen said, “It was an honor to be on UrbanMD TV and share valuable information about preventing colorectal cancer. I want to empower individuals to manage their health, and platforms like UrbanMD TV are essential for raising awareness about critical medical issues, especially within at-risk and underserved communities.”

Dr. McCutchen’s involvement with UrbanMD TV exemplifies United Digestive’s dedication to public health education, community outreach, and the welfare of individuals and communities.

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