Dr. Sooki Hon, a United Digestive partner practice gastroenterologist and hepatologist with Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates, served as the medical chair for the American Liver Foundation’s Liver Life Walk Atlanta event, which took place earlier in May. This marked her third consecutive year participating. Dr. Hon’s involvement underscores her commitment to advancing patient care and supporting those grappling with liver-related illnesses in Atlanta and beyond.

“Serving as the medical chair for the 2024 Liver Life Walk Atlanta was truly humbling,” remarked Dr. Hon. “I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the growth of this event over the last three years, and it is remarkable to see the increasing support from the Atlanta community. Together, we are not only raising awareness about liver disease but also advocating for patients and families in their fight against these illnesses.”

The Liver Life Walk provided a vital platform for individuals impacted by liver disease to unite, raise awareness, and secure crucial funds. This year’s event exceeded all expectations, with a total of $42,664.64 raised, surpassing the goal of $37,900. Among the dedicated teams, Team UD made an outstanding contribution, raising just over $4,000 to support the cause. Proceeds from the event aid the 100 million Americans affected by liver disease by offering resources, education, and support services, while also advancing advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and liver disease research.

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