Serving Three Endoscopy Centers in Southwest Florida

ATLANTA, GA, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — United Digestive, a leading physician practice management company focused on gastroenterology, today announced an expansion of the company’s established anesthesia division. The expanded team will enable the practice operations in Florida to deliver anesthesia services at three Southwest Florida endoscopy centers as well as other potential locations as the organization continues to grow.

“United Digestive is committed to creating a best-in-class, comprehensive care model for patients. This is one of many investments we are making to deliver on that commitment,” said Neal C. Patel, MD, President of United Digestive.

United Digestive now has a team of dedicated anesthesia providers in the Southwest Florida community, serving patients across three endoscopy centers: Fort Myers Surgery Center, Cape Health Surgery Center, and Barkley Surgicenter.

“We have made significant advancements in United Digestive’s back-office infrastructure and clinical service offerings, including anesthesia, pathology, in-office infusion, and clinical research services, for the benefit of our patients through a single practice. This integrated suite of services empowers our partner practices to deliver exceptional patient care while optimizing the experience for our providers,” said Mark Gilreath, CEO of United Digestive.

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