25 team members from 12 of United Digestive’s locations across the Southeast participated in The Basic Course, a one-day leadership development program led by senior leaders of the company. This program is designed to empower management-level employees with the tools and insights needed to excel in their roles. The course delves into various aspects of leadership, including personal strengths assessment using tools like Myers-Briggs and Lean Thinking, insights into the organization’s VIBE culture, and the importance of key leadership routines. Participants also gained valuable knowledge on building high-performing teams and implementing essential managerial practices to drive success within the organization.

Anna Kehoe, practice manager of AIDH Fort Myers, said the following about what a great learning opportunity The Basic Course presented:

“One of the most immediate benefits was the chance to meet and connect with colleagues from other departments, many of whom I had not met in person before. This not only broadened my internal network but also provided me with new perspectives on our collective challenges and opportunities. The course offered insight into the company’s origins, milestones, and evolution. Learning about the strategic decisions that have shaped our journey was inspiring. More importantly, it laid out a clear and compelling vision for the future, making me feel more aligned and committed to our long-term goals. The interactive sessions, group discussions, and reflective exercises challenged me to think critically about my role and how I can contribute to our collective success.”

Echoing Anna’s sentiments was Aheesha Watkins, a charge nurse at DeKalb Gastro Endoscopy, who commented, “I really enjoyed this leadership course tremendously! It was so informative, interactive and personal. The CEO being there and giving us tips was amazing. His being there made me feel like he cares about the growth of his workers. It made me feel like I can conquer being in leadership. Before, I felt unsure about my position because I felt like I was going through this alone. Going to this course showed me I have a family at United Digestive.”

The Basic Course demonstrates the organization’s commitment to nurturing talent and cultivating a culture of excellence. By training and growing the leaders of today and tomorrow and providing employees with opportunities for skill development, the organization not only strengthens its leadership pipeline but also fosters a collaborative and innovative environment where individuals can thrive. As United Digestive continues to expand and evolve, investing in the development of its workforce remains a top priority, ensuring that employees are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to drive the organization forward.


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